Friday, 6 July 2018

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos – Bowra Sanctuary

During our stay at Bowra Sanctuary many parrot species came in to drink at the bore fed lagoon near the Shearer’s quarters. A highlight of our camp near the lagoon was the Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos which came in to drink early each morning and again in the evening before heading off to their night-time roost.

Other parrot/cockatoo species drinking at the lagoon included Galahs in large numbers, Australian Ringnecks, Mulga, Red-rump and Red-winged Parrots. Before dawn and after dark each day a good number of Bourke’s Parrots came in to drink, their arrival only marked by their calls as it was too dark to see them. Spotted Bowerbirds and Crested Pigeons were also frequent visitors to the lagoon. There were no finch species present on Bowra as the prolonged drought had most likely led to an elimination of seeds – their primary food source.

The early morning and late afternoon light was ideal for capturing some photos of the Major Mitchell’s and some of the parrot species.

About sixteen Major Mitchell’s came in to drink - they perched in trees above the lagoon before coming down in ones and twos or small numbers to drink – there were always some birds perched above on guard duty.

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Birds perched in both live and dead trees above the lagoon before and after drinking.

Red-rumped Parrots

This male Red-rump has a silver leg band.

Australian Ringneck

Crested Pigeons

 Spotted Bowerbird


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