Saturday, 2 December 2017

Fairy Dell Scenic Reserve November 2017

Up to the end of November 2017 the year has been very dry with well below average rains. Once again the creeks at Fairy Dell (see note 1 below) are nearly dry with just a few small rock holes holding water. So, on a recent hot afternoon I set my camera and chair up in the dry creek bed just above the footbridge where one small rock hole containing no more than 10 litres of water remained and waited to see what birds would come in for a drink – the temperature was 34oC.

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Footbridge over dry creek at Fairy Dell.

The following photos were captured between 4.00 and 5.30pm. In addition to the species in the photos the following birds also came in for a drink: Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Eastern Spinebill, Brown Thornbill, Brown Gerygone and Eastern Whipbird.

Male Rose Robin photographed against strong back light in a tree above me as it came in for a drink.
The male Rose Robin on a rock in the creek bed near the small pool of water.
This is a Golden Whistler - I suspect it is a juvenile male starting to moult into adult plumage.
The ever-photogenic Eastern Yellow Robin.
Silvereye Zostterops lateralis sub-species westernensis which is a summer migrant from the north – note the off-white flank compared with the rich brown flanks of lateralis lateralis the Tasmanian sub-species we tend to see more often over winter.
The beautiful Rufous Fantail – elusive and skittish as usual – they are nesting at Fairy Dell.
We are at risk of under appreciating the incredible colourful beauty of the Crimson Rosella as it is so common in our East Gippsland forests.
One of the Rosellas drinking at the pool kept looking up from behind the rock which obscured my view of the water, to make sure I was not a threat.
The Grey Shrike-thrush, plain and sombre in comparison with the Crimson Rosella but it has a quiet and trusting beauty none the less.  

A pair of Australian King Parrots were wary and perched on the footbridge handrail above the water for several minutes before they finally came down to drink.

The male Australian King Parrot.
Female Australian King Parrot.
The ubiquitous Grey Fantail.

As I write this post on Saturday morning (2/12/17) it is raining - at 9am I tipped 40mm of rain out of the gauge. It is still raining steadily and with more rain forecast Deep Creek at Fairy Dell will be flowing again and there will be no water-magnet there to bring the birds in close to my set up camera for some time to come I suspect. After a long dry spell, I am sure the birds appreciate this rain as much, no more, than I do.

Note (1) For more information on the Fairy Dell Scenic Reserve see earlier post here:

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