Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Miscellaneous photos from June and July 2017

Some photos taken over June and July that were not relevant to recent posts have accumulated so thought I would include them in this post of miscellaneous birds.

The photos are in chronological order with species name and location, and for some photos, brief notes.

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Grey Currawong Banksia Peninsula Gippsland Lakes.

Immature Australian Magpie Newlands Arm Gippsland Lakes.
The immature Magpie kept close company with this adult which may be a parent – it carried its tail up which is unusual and possibly due to an injury?

I couldn’t resist photographing this male Golden Whistler – Newlands Arm Gippsland Lakes.
Male Chestnut Teal - Newlands Arm Gippsland Lakes.
Female Chestnut Teal – partner to above male.

The above pair dabbling.
Azure Kingfisher - Jones Bay Gippsland Lakes.
Ditto above.

Bell Miner fluffed up against a very cold morning – Canni Creek Racecourse reserve near Buchan.
White-eared Honeyeater Canni Creek Racecourse.
Laughing Kookaburra fluffed up on a very cold morning - Buchan Caves Reserve.
Male Scarlet Robin a familiar winter bird when they leave the forests for more open habitat - Clifton Creek area near Bairnsdale.
Female Scarlet Robin – partner of the male above.
Nankeen Kestrel hovering and near motionless in strong wind currents above the West Cape Conran boat ramp, searching for prey.
The same bird as above, a male (note grey tail with sub terminal black band), has dived on a prey item but in this case, rises empty taloned.
The Kestrel resumes the hunt.
The beautifully patterned Bassian Thrush searches the leaf litter for food on the edge of the Marlo Bushland Reserve.
The Thrush, a ground feeder, spends a lot of time in dense low light habitat, hence the largish eyes.
This strongly back lit Crested Shrike-tit was borderline for inclusion in this post however as they are such a rare find I compromised on quality.  
Pacific Gull looking for food above the West Cape Conran boat ramp – dark blue sea horizon at the bottom of the photo.
The Snowy River Estuary resident vagrant, way out of normal range Beach Stone-curlew out chasing food along the shoreline in late afternoon light opposite Mots Beach just east of Marlo. This widely reported and twitched celebrity bird has been in residence for a couple of years now.

Hope you have enjoyed these miscellaneous bird photos.

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