Sunday, 21 August 2016

Buff-sided Robin

The Buff-sided Robin is another Top End species. We first found Buff-sided Robins at Butterfly Falls camp ground in Limen NP, NT - and again in Adels Grove camp ground near Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) NP in Queensland where they were very tame.

These photos were taken at Butterfly Falls.

Like other robin species they hold their wings out and drop them. However unlike other species they often cock their tail.

I find the Buff-sided Robin very attractive and was glad to catch up with them again – I last saw them in the Kimberly at Mornington (AWC sanctuary) in 2009.

The prominent white brow shows well in this shot.

For a small bird they have a rich and loud call – check it out if you have access to bird calls.

The White-browed Robin photo below is included for comparison with the closely related Buff-sided Robin. The White-browed Robin is a Queensland endemic species. The Buff-sided and White-browed Robins were once considered the same species but have been split into two species.

This White-browed Robin was photographed near Townsville in Queensland.

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