Sunday, 14 September 2014

Some northern California birds

After a spending a couple of weeks in northern California and southern Oregon here is a selection of bird photos mainly taken in and around Davis, Lake Siskiyou near Mt Shasta, Crater Lake NP in Oregon and Lassen Volcanic NP. All are fairly common birds in California and species we do not see in Australia.
Hopefully I have identified all of the birds correctly however if not then any help with ID would be appreciated.

Western Scrub-Jay in backyard at Davis, a common and confiding bird in both suburbia and non urban habitats.

A female Black-chinned Hummingbird in backyard at Davis, note pollen on top of bill, hummingbirds are no doubt important pollinators of many flowering plant species.

White-faced Ibis in Yolo wetland reserve near Davis, this bird is immature as it does not have a white face.
Great Blue Heron in rice crop, Yolo wetland reserve near Davis.

Female Red-winged Blackbird in Yolo wetland, this species is very abundant in wetland areas.

Unidentified raptor at Yolo wetlands. Raptors and Turkey Vultures have been numerous in most places we have been to date.

American White Pelicans over Yolo wetland with ducks?? Brown Pelicans are also found in California.
A White-tailed Kite, with black shoulders it is very similar to the Australian Black-shouldered Kite.
Great Egret Yolo wetlands near Davis.
Black Phoebe Yolo wetlands near Davis.
This Black-necked Stilt photographed at Yolo wetlands is very similar to the Australian Black-winged Stilt.
Lesser Yellowlegs Yolo wetland.
Northern Mockingbird in backyard at Davis. This bird is a famous songster and mimic, often calling at night.
An American Robin in backyard at Davis, this species is very common and well known in the US. Named by an English colonists the species is only very distantly related to robins).
A female Brewer's Blackbird having a drink at Whiskey Lake just west of Redding.
The very common Killdeer on Siskiyou Lake margin near Mt Shasta.
Double-crested Cormorants on marker buoy, Siskiyou Lake.
A female Common Merganser on Siskiyou Lake.
A Red Crossbill at Crater Lake NP Oregon. Note the crossed bill which is adapted for extracting seeds from pine cones.
Dark-eyed Junco at Crater Lake NP.
A Red-breasted Nuthatch, a sittella species (Sitta canadensis), Crater Lake NP.
A Gray Jay at Crater Lake NP.
I think this is an immature Mountain Bluebird at roadside rest stop north of Mt Shasta - I am far from sure about this ID.
A Dusky Flycatcher at roadside rest stop north of Mt Shasta.
Pied-billed Grebe on Manzanita Lake, Lassen Volcanic NP.
Mountain Chickadee - at first I thought this was a Black-throated Gray Warbler but it has no yellow mark between eye and base of bill. Manzanita Lake, Lassen Volcanic NP.
Steller's Jay, a common but attractive bird often found around camp and picnic grounds. This one was at Summit Lake camp ground, Lassen Volcanic NP.
A Yellow-rumped Warbler on Kings Creek, Lassen Volcanic NP.
Northern Flicker Mills Creek, Lassen Volcanic NP.
When traveling in an unfamiliar country being able to photograph birds in the field and then work out their ID's later is an invaluable birding tool. Even with photos identifying some species is still a challenge.

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  1. G’day John & Pam,
    I am enjoying following your travels. You sure are adding to your tick sheet – what a cornucopia of species! Outstanding photographs as usual. I spend a lot of time trying to figure the Aussie equivalents – sometimes obvious, sometimes not.
    (Note – BLEGers got Swift Parrots on the Heyfield Golf Course yesterday).